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We give a 10% discount on regular-priced items (excluding shake)

for Military/Veterans, Experienced Smokers (+55), NMSU students, faculty & staff, and Out of State ID’s.


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Solano Menu

Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 2.18.12 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 2.18.19 PM.png
Solano Halfies_Shelf.png
Solano Prerolls 1.png
Solano Infused Flower.png
Solano Vapes.png
Solano - Concentrates.png
Solano Edibles.png
Solano Med.png

Picacho Menu

Picacho FL 1.png
Picacho FL 2.png
Picacho Halfies_Shelf.png
Picacho Prerolls 1.png
Picacho Infused Flower.png
Picacho - Concentrates.png
Picacho Vapes.png
Picacho Edibles.png
Picacho Med.png

Ruidoso Menu

Ruidoso FL 1.png
Ruidoso FL 2.png
Ruidoso Prerolls.png
Ruidoso Infused Flower.png
Ruidoso - Concentrates.png
Ruidoso Vapes.png
Ruidoso Med.png
Ruidoso Shelf Price.png
Ruidoso Edibles.png
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