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Local Business Faces a No-Notice Closure


JAN 27TH, 2024

Monster House Dispensary

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Las Cruces, NM – Saturday, January 27, 2024 – Monster House Dispensary (Monster House), a local dispensary and consumption lounge embedded in the Las Cruces community, faces an unexpected and unjust closure due to technical code issues not previously communicated. Despite holding a valid business license and operating in good faith, the City of Las Cruces ordered Monster House to close its doors on Thursday, January 25th, potentially putting its dedicated staff and vital community contributions at risk.


Marc and Maggie Splawn, a local Las Cruces couple, opened the Monster House Lounge roughly six months ago with a vision of creating a safe and responsible space for cannabis consumption while fostering a sense of community within the city. Monster House quickly became a vibrant hub for Las Cruces residents, offering not only high-quality cannabis products but also a welcoming environment for Veterans' support groups, community events, and cultural gatherings.

"We poured our hearts and souls into building Monster House Dispensary," shared Marc. "We were always transparent with the City, and we believed we were operating within the regulations. This sudden closure feels like a slap in the face, not just to us as business owners, but to the entire community that has embraced Monster House as their own."

The heart of the issue lies buried in technical code outlined in the International Building Code and Clean Air Act – something both Marc and Maggie were completely unaware of at the time of opening. Their building, despite being perfectly suited for their business model, lacks a specific certificate of occupancy required by the City, which they assumed the owner of the building had, since the City of Las Cruces granted Monster House a license to operate there in July 2023. Now, they face the devastating prospect of closure, despite willingness to with city officials to rectify the situation.

"We understand the importance of regulations and are committed to operating in full compliance," Maggie emphasized. "But we were never given the opportunity to address these issues before the City slammed the door shut. We believe in dialogue and finding solutions, not resorting to such drastic measures straight out of the gate."

The potential closure of Monster House has sparked outrage and concern within the Las Cruces community. Many residents and fellow businesses have rallied around Marc and Maggie, expressing their support through calls for a more transparent and fair approach to cannabis regulations.

"Monster House Cannabis is more than just a dispensary," stated Valerie Klopp, a regular customer and community advocate. "It's a vital part of our community, a place where veterans feel welcome, artists showcase their work, and people come together to connect. Closing the Monster House Lounge would be a huge loss for Las Cruces."

In the face of this adversity, Monster House remains hopeful. They call upon the Las Cruces community, local media, and city officials to join them in a fight for fair treatment and a chance to address the technical zoning issues constructively.

"We're not asking for favors, just a chance to make things right," Marc concluded. "We believe in the positive impact Monster House has on Las Cruces, and we're not giving up without a fight. We hope the community will stand with us in this critical moment."

Monster House Cannabis urges supporters to contact their city council members and express their concerns about the potential closure. Stay tuned to MH's social media channels for updates and ways to get involved.

Monster House is working diligently to reopen for all our Lil Monsters. In the meantime, make your voice heard by writing to Mayor Eric Enriquez  (  and our District Representative Johana Bencomo  ( and letting them know they've removed a safe space for their constituents. 

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